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* The Internet Sacred Text Archive Один из лучших ресурсов в сети по религиозным традициям и мировому фольклору. Китайский раздел представлен конфуцианским каноном, подборкой текстов и исследований по даосизму и буддизму.
Содержание библиотеки
Confucianism and Traditional Chinese beliefs
  • Confucian Canon (Si Shu)
  • The Five Classics (Wu Jing)
  • Volume 39 of the Sacred Books of the East. Переводы даосских текстов Джеймса Легга (1891)
  • Volume 40 of the Sacred Books of the East. Переводы даосских текстов Джеймса Легга (1891)
  • The Canon of Reason and Virtue (Lao-tze's Tao Teh King) Chinese and English; Translated by D.T. Suzuki & Paul Carus [1913].
  • Taoist Teachings Translated from the Book of Lieh-Tzü by Lionel Giles [1912].
  • Yang Chu's Garden of Pleasure, translated by Anton Forke [1912]
  • T'ai Shang Kan-Ying P'ien, by Teitaro Suzuki and Paul Carus. [1906].
  • Yin Chih Wen, The Tract of the Quiet Way by Teitaro Suzuki and Paul Carus. [1906].
  • Taoist Texts, by Frederic Henry Balfour [1884].
  • Tao, The Great Luminant Essays from the Huai Nan Tzu, by Evan S. Morgan [1933]
  • Tibetan Buddhism: Archives
  • Zen Buddhism: Archives
  • Journal Articles about Buddhism
  • Southern Buddhism
    • The Dhammapada and The Sutta Nipâta,
    • Dhammapada tr. by Max Müller; Sutta-Nipâta tr. by V. Fausböll [1881] (Sacred Books of the East, vol. 10)
    • Buddhist Suttas Translated from Pâli by T.W. Rhys Davids [1881] (Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 11)
    • Vinaya Texts (Part I) Translated from the Pâli by T.W. Rhys Davids and Herman Oldenberg. [1881]
    • The Pâtimokkha and The Mahâvagga, I-IV. (Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 13).
    • Vinaya Texts (Part II) Translated from the Pâli by T.W. Rhys Davids and Herman Oldenberg. [1882]
    • The Mahâvagga, V-X, and The Kullavagga, I-III. (Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 17).
    • Vinaya Texts (Part III) Translated from the Pâli by T.W. Rhys Davids and Herman Oldenberg. [1885]
    • The Kullavagga, IV-XII. (Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 20).
    • The Questions of King Milinda translated by T. W. Rhys Davids
    • Dialogues of the Buddha (The Dîgha-Nikâya) Translated from the Pâli by T.W. Rhys Davids; London, H. Frowde, Oxford University Press [1899] Volume II of the Sacred Books of the Buddhists.
    • Buddhism in Translations by Henry Clarke Warren [1896] This is a often-cited scholarly anthology of translations of key Theravada Buddhist documents.
    • The Udâna Translated by Dawsonne Melanchthon Strong [1902] (Redacted by Chris Weimer)
    • Psalms of the Sisters by Caroline A. F. Rhys Davids [1909] (Thanks to Mary Mark Ockerbloom of A Celebration of Women Writers)

  • Jataka
    • The Jataka, Vol. I tr. by Robert Chalmers [1895]
    • This is the first of six volumes of the complete Cowell translation of the Jataka.
    • The Jataka, Vol. II tr. by W. H. D. Rouse [1895]
    • This is the second of six volumes of the complete Cowell translation of the Jataka.

  • Northern Buddhism
    • The Fo-Sho-Hing-Tsan-King A Life of Buddha by Asvaghosha Bodhisattva, translated from Sanskrit into Chinese by Dharmaraksha A.D. 420, and From Chinese into English by Samuel Beal (Sacred Books of the East Vol. 19) [1883]
    • Buddhist Mahâyâna Texts [1894] Translated by E.B. Cowell, F Max Müller, and J Kakakusu. (Sacred Books of the East, Volume 49)
    • Saddharma-pundarîka (The Lotus Sutra) Translated By H. Kern (Sacred Books of the East Vol. 21) [1884]
    • She-rab Dong-bu (The Tree of Wisdom) by Nagarjuna; edited and translated by W. L. Cambell [1919] An influential Tibetan Buddhist text.
    • Açvaghosha's Discourse on the Awakening of Faith in the Mahâyâna translated by Teitaro Suzuki [1900]
    • The Awakening of Faith of Ashvagosha translated by Timothy Richard [1907]

  • Buddhism In Tibet by Emil Schlaginteweit [1863] A comprehensive look at Tibetan Buddhism.
  • The Religion of the Samurai by Kaiten Nukariya [1913] This book focuses on Northern (Mahayana) Buddhism, and Zen Buddhism in particular. It includes a wealth of detail as well as very lucid explanations of Zen Buddhist concepts.
  • Manual of Zen Buddhism by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki. [1935]

Труды современных ученых

Содержание ресурса
  • Shen Kua (1973, revised 1995)
  • Copernicus in China (1973, revised 1995)
  • Wang Hsi-shan (1976, revised 1995)
  • On the Term “Taoism” as a Source of Perplexity (1978)
  • The Theoretical Foundations of Laboratory Alchemy (1980)
  • Why the Scientific Revolution Did Not Take Place in China--Or Didn't It? (1982)
  • On the Limits of Empirical Knowledge in Chinese and Western Science (1989)
  • Reflections on the Situation of Medicine in the People's Republic of China, 1987 (1990)
  • Science and Medicine in Chinese History (1990)
  • Text and Experience in Early Chinese Medicine (1995, revised 1999)
  • Comparing Greek and Chinese Science (1995)
  • Emotional Counter-Therapy (1995)
  • State, Cosmos, and Body in the First Three Centuries B.C. (1995)
  • Taoism and Science (1995)
  • The First Neo-Confucianism (with Michael Nylan, 1987, rev. 1995)
  • The Way and the Word (with G.E.R. Lloyd, 2002)

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